Saturday, December 15, 2012


Are you emotionally unfit this holiday season? If you are dreading the holidays and not looking forward to the money sucking, weight gaining, and crazy making here are three simple things you can easily do to go from bah humbug to a holly jolly holiday:

 1. MOVE! No, I don't mean running away and moving out of town for the holiday season, I mean MOVE your body! Chances are if you are feeling less than stellar it's showing in your body. Are you moving a little slower, dragging your feet? Do you have your grumpy scrooge face on? You may not even realize your doing it, but I bet your loved ones do! You know what to do; stand up straighter, breathe deeper, SMILE! Don't underestimate the power of movement. Go ahead, turn on some tunes, dance, smile, laugh!
When you change your physiology you change your emotional state in an instant!

2.   Adopt An Attitude of GRATITUDE:  What are you focusing on? If you are focusing on your never ending list, and everything you don't have then of course you feel like crap! You cannot feel bad and grateful at the same time. Whatever is wrong in your life there is also something that is right. Focus on that and you will feel immediate relief.

3.  Adopt A PAY IT FORWARD MINDSET: Do you remember the book and the movie? It's all about giving without expecting anything in return. It's about the powerful ripple effect giving to others can create. It's cheap too!  Be mindful and look for opportunities instead of being mindless and missing the action. We are often so busy we don't even see what's right in front of us. With a pay if forward mindset, you will be the one who notices the elderly person struggling to walk,  you will notice the short person who can't reach the top shelf at the grocery store .It may be a little thing to you, but it's those little things that matter most sometimes.

So there you have it: Move, Be Grateful and Give; three simple, specific, and self controlled things you can do right NOW that will make this holiday season better than ever. Keep it going beyond the holidays and you will have a life that is better that ever too!

Live More Everyday :)

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