Thursday, November 8, 2012


Hi All,
I believe that in order to overcome challenges such as stress/anxiety, depression, relationship struggles, whatever the challenge that makes you pick up that phone to call me, I know that to get the results you are seeking it’s necessary to have optimal emotional AND physical health. The quality of our health is related to the quality of our life.  I arm you with plenty of skills, tools and strategies for a healthy mindset, but that doesn’t do much good if you are sick and tired all the time!  
 I offer you the tools I believe bring the best results for emotional health; Cognitive Therapy and Strategic Intervention.  I want to be able to deliver the same quality tools and knowledge for your body too!
If you follow me on facebook, twitter or my blog you already know my interest in health. I decided to increase this knowledge in a formal training program. I am excited to tell you that I am currently enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I am receiving very detailed and careful instruction on how to coach others around food and lifestyle choices. I will be able to incorporate this into my existing work much more in depth. I will work with you on how to reach your health goals, including stress reduction, increasing energy, losing weight (for good) and improving your confidence and overall emotional health.  
I look forward to sharing more with you about my journey. I will be inviting people to health consultations in the near future to have the opportunity to support them to create a life everyone deserves not one on reserve! 
I hope you are well and look forward to talking with you soon!   Warmly, Peg  

                                  YOUR LIFE AT ITS BEST

Peg Haust-Arliss, LCSW-R is a Certified Cognitive Therapist, Robbins-Madanes Coach and Relationship Educator residing in Upstate New York.  
Her passionate mission is to help people overcome anxiety and other life challenges using a holistic approach and to do her part to create a shift from a reactive, symptom-driven, disease approach to a proactive, practical, empowering, and all natural approach.   
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I just arrived home from my very first UPW experience. For those of you who don't know UPW is one of Anthony Robbin's live events. If you know me, you know this has been a goal since 2008.  I embarked on this adventure with my dear and awesome friend Joleene Des Rosiers Moody and it was just that an ADVENTURE! And let me tell you it wasn't ALL easy peazy there was some serious soul digging, mind bending stuff going on!
My journey didn't start out easy either.  If you know me, you know I have a history of anxiety challenges and now help others overcome theirs. But, on the way to the airport, my old driving fear was reactivated while on the thruway! NOT GOOD! What does this mean?! Does it mean I'm not supposed to go? Is this my intuition or my fear??!! I quickly reminded myself that I am getting out of my comfort zone and the anxiety was my old pattern trying to keep me in it! Well, I am not having it! For good measure, I got on the phone and called another kick ass friend Heather Paris who reinforced what I already knew: "It's because you're living Peg!" Yes, Heather, yes indeed!
The flight was great and we found ourselves seated next to a woman who was also on her way to the event small world? Coincidence? Hours later we made it to sunny Orlando and we were on our way to our hotel. 
 We registered early and had time before the event started. Good opportunity for Joleene to catch a nap for she had the not so perfect timing of getting sick and not getting good sleep the night before. Good opportunity for me to find some much needed nourishment. But, I found myself wandering aimlessly in search of food. I managed to find some fruit and nuts, but greens seemed to be an endangered species! Come on food industry STEP UP!

When we first walked into the very LARGE convention center we couldn't resist a cheezy photo
opp with the big guy.

 We had good seats, but it was COLD!!! So cold that the welcome bag of goodies made sure to include gloves! Poor Joleene missed part of it to literally run to Walgreens for thermal under clothes and we brought the hotel blankets! But, we did not need them when we MOVED. And there was a lot of moving! I love to dance and at one point we were directed (?) commanded (?)  to play air guitar to ZZ Top; I was in my zone!
Day one prepared us for the firewalk. The firewalk is not about walking on fire, but rather a metaphor to know that one can persevere and get through the inevitable "fires" of life. All four days are geared toward one thing: helping us to breakthrough  challenges and patterns that keep us stuck.
I went to UPW to hone my skills as a Robbins-Madanes Coach, to experience the tools and techniques that I have learned through my training with RMT. I accomplished that, and so much more! I met amazing people. I left with a new excitement for creating and serving; serving my clients, taking care of my family and friends and taking care of me! Yes, it challenged me, it shook up my old fears, but that was just some  growing pains and we need growing pains because what doesn't grow......

Peg Haust-Arliss, LCSW-R is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Cognitive Therapist and Robbins-Madanes Life Coach and Relationship Educator residing in Upstate New York.  
Her passionate mission is to help people overcome anxiety and other life challenges using a holistic approach and to do her part to create a shift from a reactive, symptom-driven, disease mindset approach to a proactive, practical, empowering, all natural approach for emotional wellness.    
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