Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's Just Me

So, I have this friend, and every time she calls me to leave a message she says: "Hey Peg, It's just me...." in her kind, carefree voice.  I love you girlfriend, but...

"AAHH!! What do you mean it's JUST me!?

It's JUST me: REALLY?? Why must you minimize your importance!  Why do you constantly diminish your inherent power and beauty? How can you not realize your magnificence? Even the fact that you walk this earth is nothing short of a spiritual and scientific miracle! Oh, but it's just me.  YOU are unique! There is no other creature on this earth like you! Even identical twins are slightly different, but never mind that, it's just me.  If your parents never met, YOU, as you are, would not exist! YOU are a biological masterpiece!  YOU cannot be replicated! OMG, YOU are crazy! I am going to Kick Your Ass! Stop it! There is no JUST about YOU!! You ARE Love! You ARE special! You ARE Divine! You are One with the whole Universe!

However, if I have coached you, you know very well that NOTHING has meaning until meaning is given.  That being said, hmmm, what else could this mean?  Maybe it just means: "Hi Peg, call me."

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